“We don’t just augment reality; we augment human ability.”

Apprentice CEO and co-founder, Angelo Stracquatanio talks about the future of augmented reality

Apprentice Core Values

We are developing a world in which multi-tech systems such as augmented reality, computer vision and machine learning are used to empower scientists, engineers and manufacturers who operate in various complex, compliance-driven environments. We create a synergistic relationship between man and technology, in which meaningful research, lifesaving product development and manufacturing are all executed with greater control, safety, productivity, stability and reliability.


The current leadership team at Apprentice

Angelo Stracquatanio

Co-Founder & CEO

Gary Pignata

Co-Founder, CSO & Vice President-Global Sales

Nabil Chehade

Vice President of Product and Technology

Frank Maggiore

Director of Accounts & Chief Futurist

Tucker Brennan

Solutions Engineer

Kristen Kucks

Director of Communications

Kennith Chapman

Senior Augmented Reality Engineer

Mike Dodd

Board Member

Investors & Advisors

The current board of directors at Apprentice

David Williams

Michael Johnson

Jessica Smith

Christina Brown

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