Industrial Augmented Reality for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Manufacturing

We don't just augment reality; we augment human ability

Work Hands-Free

Physical restrictions are removed to unleash the fullest potential of operators, scientists and engineers in laboratory environments and manufacturing suites. Reduced multitasking leads to greater focus, reliability and productivity.

Communicate, Identify and Solve using Remote Telepresence

Eliminate unnecessary time and cost expenditures with the powerful combination of augmented reality and smart eyewear. Operators visually share their physical working environment to receive immediate remote support and guided instruction.

Real time Data Validation & Alerting

Magnify your human capital, eliminate process deviation and propel your workforce to the industry forefront. With AR, you can improve up-time though live data validation and alerting. Real time feedback decreases the risk of procedural error while increasing operational speed, efficiency and accuracy.

Record Everything

Improve audit readiness with accessible information and traceable workflow. Collect, store and track critical laboratory and manufacturing data virtually to create an immediate point-of-reference.

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