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Apprentice clients are leaders in complex manufacturing, research and lifesaving drug development. Apprentice technology transforms the way these industries operate and meet market demands.

Apprentice Tandem

Global Telepresence

Apprentice clients have custom-built, highly specialized equipment that is essential for successful research and production. Equipment failures can bring research to a screeching halt. In one instance an Apprentice client was midway through a clinical trial with participants from a narrow sample size when this occurred.

The client was told by a vendor that it would be two months before a specialized technician could arrive on-site to assess the issue and perform necessary repairs, which would have a multi-million-dollar company impact.

With little time to waste, Apprentice's Tandem module with remote telepresence was utilized to effectively troubleshoot the problem in just one day, proving to be a cost-effective and time-sensitive method for facilitating critical information and immediate guided instruction.

The clinical trial was successfully completed without any data corruption or time delays.


Time expenditures and financial losses can be greatly reduced with Tandem. Communicate with remote vendors the moment immediate action is required.

Apprentice Tandem

Real Time Troubleshooting

Site visits to global facilities can run clients thousands of dollars each month in routine travel expenses as technicians leave company headquarters to deploy and assess overseas operations.

The Apprentice Tandem module limits the need for costly and time consuming in-person site visits. Tandem establishes a direct line of communication, control and support with global facilities without unnecessary expenditures.


Provide direct SME support while reducing cost and time expenditures with Tandem.

Apprentice Manuals

Workforce Optimization

Written guides and SOPs are not only cumbersome to reference, but lack detailed technique descriptions. Clear procedural explanations, such as the method in which a laboratory scientist shakes chemicals in a flask, can greatly impact research results. Apprentice technology can provide this and more.

Apprentice's Manuals employs advanced technology to coach individuals through each specific technique without ever having to physically reference a physical manual or book. Tandem uses video, audio and graphics to provide scientists and engineers with the accurate descriptions they need at the moment they need it. Manuals also automatically records these steps in order to create an audit trail as a future point of reference and to conduct more efficient investigations.


Avoid extensive down time caused by audit investigations and costly procedural deviations caused by human error. Hands are free to perform tasks as guided steps and technique descriptions are provided in real time.

Apprentice BioCapture

Empowering Scientists

Scientists can spend more than 50% of valuable lab time transcribing. Apprentice's BioCapture automatically collects voice notes, pictures, gauges, sample volumes, numerical values and more, greatly limiting that amount of transcription time. This hands-free platform allows scientists to remain engaged with their environment at all times while critical data is virtually recorded. Apprentice clients have enthusiastically adopted this method, reporting significant increases in workplace efficiency and productivity.


Remain hands-free while in the lab and dedicate more time to real research and product development by eliminating stoppages for handwritten notations and records.

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