Our expectations for apprentice web developers

At the end of three months, we expect developer apprentices at thoughtbot to fill the role of a full web developer. This means being very experienced with building and shipping Rails & JavaScript applications, doing fully test-driven development along the way.

Not very comfortable with Rails and JavaScript development yet?

You have no programming experience, or you haven't been programming in Ruby or Rails for very long. You haven't done Test Driven Development. Try Upcase. For developers looking to gain experience with Rails and JavaScript, Upcase provides a set of workshops, exercises, and trails to help you with your learning.

Complete your pre-requisites at Upcase

We are looking for intermediate web developers

Our web development apprenticeship will take you from intermediate level to a full web developer at thoughtbot.

In other words, you have the raw materials and trainability to do this job phenomenally well given the right mentorship. If these all apply to you, you're exactly who we want!

Apply to be a web developer apprentice

The application process for apprentices is the same process we use for full developers and designers at thoughtbot. You can read about it in our Playbook.

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