Advance to the next level is ideal for intermediate developers and designers looking to build upon their already strong foundation.

Featured Alumni

Jessie Young

Jessie Young, Developer

Before her apprenticeship Jessie graduated from Dev Bootcamp and RailsBridge. Before moving into web development, Jessie was doing marketing for start-ups. She double majored in Philosophy and Government at Colby College.

Upon completing her apprenticeship, Jessie was promoted to a full developer at thoughtbot. After nearly three successful years on our team, she now works with the U.S. General Services Administration's 18F.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during the apprenticeship?

The paid apprenticeship lasts 3 months. During the 3 months, you work alongside designers and developers at thoughtbot on real projects, and are assigned a Mentor who is your primary instructor. You also work on special projects designed to give you additional time and training in the areas you most need.

Each month, you move to another mentor and different team. This rotation enhances the learning process by exposing you to new projects and new people, but also by allowing you to reapply what you've learned in a new context.

In the final month, if things have gone well, you are promoted to a full designer or developer at thoughtbot. Or we'll connect you with other great potential employers.

What's the relationship between thoughtbot and the apprentices? Are they paid employees?
Apprentices are paid, W2, employees of thoughtbot. The position includes health insurance and other benefits.
Are there specific time periods apprentices are accepted? When is the application deadline? When does the next class start?
We take applications continually and accept people on a rolling basis, in short, there are no deadlines and there are not batches of apprentices.
What is the time commitment?
Apprentices work 40 hours per week, at the thoughtbot office. Part-time apprenticeships are not available. If you will be relocating for your apprenticeship, we can provide non-financial assistance with travel and lodging arrangements. We can provide financial relocation assistance once your apprenticeship is completed and you join thoughtbot as a full designer or developer.
What technologies will the apprentices work with?
Apprentices will learn and work with Ruby on Rails and JavaScript, HTML5, SCSS, git, Unix, and agile software development.
Is this an internship?

No, the goal of your apprenticeship is to learn and get to the level where you will be promoted to full thoughtbot developer or designer.

Our apprenticeship is not a junior role. The majority of people who join thoughtbot as an apprentice leave a job working as a developer or designer to join us. Because it is such a high bar, even people who have been working in the industry for many years may not make it through the interview process.

Read more about the differences between Apprenticeship and Internship

I am located outside of the United States, can I do the apprenticeship?

Unfortunately, due to U.S. visas that are available, and the restrictions they have, Apprenticeship in our US locations is only available to people who are already authorized to work in US (excluding H-1B and J-1 visas). If you are not already authorized to work in the US, we cannot accept you into the program in one of those locations.

Apprenticeship in Stockholm or London is only available to people who are already authorized to work in the EU. If you are not already authorized to work in the EU, we cannot accept you into the program in one of these locations.

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